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Jeff Hayes

Management Consultant CEO

Jeff joined The Vector Group in 2003, and in 2006 he shifted the firm's focus onto clients committed to social & environmental entrepreneurship. In 2009 Jeff added Corporate Sustainability services for the under-served middle market. His approach is based on business fundamentals, engaging employees and converting waste into value.

Prior to leading The Vector Group, Jeff worked in the entertainment industry as an Animation Director. His video game and film projects earned more than $300MM in combined revenue.

In his free time Jeff surfs with friends under the full-moon at Leo Carrillo State Beach, plays music with his wife Julie, and is a fan of Edward Tufte, John Singer Sargent and Gustavo Dudamel.

A brief CV

  • Sustainability Director, Opportunity Green - LA's premier green business event -
  • Group Leader, ProVisors GREEN affinity group 
  • Co-founder, Green Business Networking
  • Mentor, SAGE - developing the next generation of social business leaders 
  • Animation Director, various gaming and effects companies
  • Bachelor of Music, Berklee College of Music, Film Scoring

“Your extensive network, your strategic business perspective, your execution skills, and your ability to enroll diverse groups to accomplish complicated tasks all make you an ideal leader for the growing eco-business and environmental sustainability movements here in Los Angeles.” -Davis Blaine, Chairman, The Mentor Group


George Danellis

Principal, Sustainability Consultant

George joined The Vector Group as a Consultant in 2008, becoming a Principal in 2009.

George understands that business has enormous potential to affect society in a myriad of ways, both positively and otherwise. He believes that principles of sustainability, when understood, effectively acted upon and developed into a mindset, offer most middle-market organizations the best business opportunity today. His approach to the achievement of enduring business performance was developed over nearly two decades spent managing continuous organizational improvement.

Prior to joining The Vector Group, George was Managing Director at Salani Surf Resort, where he co-developed a successful business around surfing , the natural environment, and celebrating local culture. He worked closely with the Samoan government on their Tourism Development Plans and tourism branding.

Under his leadership, and in their first full year of operation, Salani Surf Resort was awarded the Samoan Exporter of The Year Award for Tourism.

In his free time George contemplates how to more positively impact his fellow beings or can be found recreating in the mountains of the Rockies or the blue oceans of the world.
A brief CV:

George holds a Bachelor of Arts/Political Science, UC San Diego, with an emphasis in International Political Economy.

“George brings a dynamic, solution-oriented spirit to his work, keeping one eye looking twenty steps ahead and the other focused on what’s needed today to produce the desired outcome. George’s commitment to business activity that is also a positive force in the world is inspiring - he understands that taking care of people and planet is a powerful driver of innovation that creates valuable outcomes.” -Chris Hahn, GM International Business, SmartWool

jack professional

Jack Hayes


Jack founded The Vector Group in the late ‘60s as a business consultancy to mid-market logistics companies who were interested in growing their top-line performance. He was a pioneer in the field of management consulting and over time his practice morphed into a consulting model he called Build:Sell:Play. Using that model, he assisted small business owners to achieve their dream of increasing the value of their businesses and selling at multiples well-above industry averages.

His son Jeff joined the firm in 2003. In late 2005, Jeff approached Jack with an idea: to shift The Vector Group’s biz dev focus on to business owners who were committed to social and environmental entrepreneurship – he wanted to go after “green businesses” as they were becoming known.  Jack’s response was “over my dead body”. It was a defining moment for the firm.

But times change - and people do too - and Jack has since become a big fan of The Vector Group’s groundbreaking eco-business tools, FootPrinter™ and CONDUCTOR™ . When he’s not serving on boards you can find Jack on the tennis court playing men’s doubles, or traveling with his wife Charlotte.

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